Baby clothing should be super soft, super comfy, safe and cute. That’s exactly what Little Green Kid clothing is all about.

A lot of babies just hate wearing clothes that go head first and often cry a lot. Keeping their comfort in mind, these rompers and full sleeve shirts are styled completely front open with buttons.

Whats more - a lot of thought has gone into creating flexibility in the dress while getting a tiny precious baby into it. We have used a special weave that gives maximum comfy stretch so that it can easily slide the baby’s arms into it. Also the natural stretch is very comfy on a rapidly growing baby making our clothes last longer than usual clothes that babies grow out of. Please note that no artificial elastane or lycra has been used to ensure no allergens.

One more thing – these clothes are designed to be completely safe for newborns and babies with 100% organic cotton. Yay !!! No harsh chemicals, no nasty harsh dyes – only tested and approved safe colours.

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