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Girish Ramachandra Social Change Blog - October 2015

Girish Ramachandra - Social Change

Little Green Kid is featured on noted social writer and best selling novelist Girish Ramachandra's Social Change Blog.


“Sadly this cotton crop single handedly uses 25% of the world’s pesticides produced. India being one of the largest producers of cotton leaves behind a humungous amount of pesticide pollution in its soil and water in process of clothing the world. This can be stopped and reversed by growing organic cotton. While the solution sounds simple, the real key to that change is to have consumers understand how their choices affect their children’s future. And that’s Little Green Kid’s mission.”

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Girish Ramachandra, author of bestselling novel “A Report on the Lost Soul”, has been an IT professional for about 18 years, where he was an entrepreneur and also held senior positions in technology services companies. Currently he works at SpiderLogic India as one of the Directors. Girish has a deep interest to study and reflect social changes.




The Alternative - Top Organic Clothing Brands - August 2015

We agree with The Alternative, Nothing celebrates nature like 100% ‪#‎Organic‬ ‪#‎Cotton‬. Little Green Kid is excited and thrilled to be in this exclusive group!

“A brand that goes the extra mile, giving your babies and kids clothing that is 100% organic and coloured using GOTS certified chemical-free herbal dyes. The absence of zips and tags offers irritation-free comfort and ease of wear.”

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The Alternative - Interview - January 2014

Shreya Pareek interviews our Founder and CEO, Rashmi Vittal on her inspiration behind Little Green Kid. 

“ The focus was clear – to say hello to a new born in cotton that was grown in nature at its purest best; to make clothing that is chic and comfortable from the best organic cotton the world has to offer. ”

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Little Green Kid - Organic Cotton Clothing for Newborns, Toddlers and Kids